Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The GOP ‘Zombie Bill’

The GOP ‘Zombie Bill’
is walking around congress once again?
What is this number 50?
This latest bill, after congress takes what it wants from the affordable healthcare program,
will give what is left to your governor to spend.
Remember if you will,
that many governors,
like Florida’s governor,
(Governor Rick Scott)
just refused the program and made his own watered down program.
In other words,
did nothing for the poor,
Senior citizens
the Hispanics
of our state.

Latest GOP Effort To Replace Obamacare Could End Health Care For Millions
September 19, 20173:05 PM ET
It wasn't that long ago that the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act
(( died ))
once and for all
in the Senate.
so many thought.
Bennet derides latest GOP effort to repeal Obamacare as 'Groundhog Day'

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The VA no longer needs to experiment on dogs

The VA no longer needs to experiment on dogs


This must stop NOW!

Shame on you all that are still doing this disgusting thing!

Former Navy physician:

The VA doesn't need to experiment on dogs

Just because the VA has used dogs for experiments in the past doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to do research to help veterans in 2017.
Leading civilian, federal and military facilities — acknowledging the wastefulness and lack of applicability of animal-based research — are actively developing and using more efficient and humane research technologies. For veterans’ and dogs’ sake, the VA should do the same.

Thursday, September 14, 2017



Duke Energy is holding Florida captive

S E C O Energy
is our provider
#1 in my mind!

This company travels in a herd of trucks attacking every area in their district, until it gets the power back on.
How did Duke Energy, a Caroline company, get into Florida, with so much power.
Read On
While traveling around central Florida starting right after the curfew from Irma looking for the gas and food our governor kept bragging about.
Every area powered by Duke, people were screaming for any Duke Energy truck, nothing.
This included (The Villages and Walmart)!
Even today on TV. only showed one working truck.
Who really own Florida?
Duke Energy Florida,
formerly Florida Power,
was the generation, transmission,
distribution sector of
The company distributed power over much of central and north Florida.
Florida Progress merged with
in 2000
to form Progress Energy.
Progress Energy merged with Duke Energy
in 2012.
Today the Florida operations operate as Duke Energy Florida.
George Walker Bush

a member of the
Republican Party of Florida.
served as
2001 to 2009.

Richard Lynn Scott
and also a member of the Republican Party of Florida.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Parramore's ambassador (A Walking School Bus)

A Walking School Bus

Be advised my friends!

I have tried all day for a picture of this

'Beautiful Africa American (Creole) Women'

to go along with this posting?


As I have written about in the past.

 Ever since 1952

(the building of route #4).

This village has been systematically assimilated into

'White Orlando'!

Parramore is a neighborhood in west-central Orlando, Florida.

It is a historical neighborhood for Orlando residents of

African descent and suffered greatly during the Jim Crow era of institutionalized racism.

Parramore's ambassador

August 24, 2017

Finding peace in Parramore: Neighborhood association president is making a difference

Vencina 'Vinnie' Cannady is this week's Getting Results Award winner (Award Winners).


Vencina "Vinnie" Cannady is this week's Getting Results Award winner.

Cannady's day volunteering starts before the sun rises You can often find her at the corner of Randall Street and Westmoreland Drive. That's where the "walking school bus" begins its mile-long journey. Cannady along with a group of parents and their children walk to the new Academic Center for Excellence.

"We want them to feel comfortable and safe,"
she said while keeping an eye on all the kids behavior.
"We care, we love them and they're our children. That's the bottom line."
Two years ago, she decided it was up to her to unite the community.

Cannady reestablished the Carter Street Neighborhood Association and set her sights on making a difference in the community she loves.

As president, she holds monthly meetings to keep everyone informed. According to the city, those meetings attract some of the largest numbers of participants city wide.

Cindy Light, Neighborhood Relations Supervisor for the City of Orlando, nominated her for the award.

"She's getting results and doing it the right way," Light said. "The leadership she shows, people gravitate towards that. She is everyone's best friend. You meet her and you feel good being around her."

Cannady has called Parramore home for more than 60 years. She said she's seen a lot of changes in that time, both good and bad, but has never thought of leaving the area.

"This is home," she said from the front porch of her house on Randall Street. "This is where we live and we chose to stay here."

Cannady organizes street clean-ups and twice a week collects trash on her own, hoping others will see her and offer to help.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome Pomona, California

Welcome to our visitor from the city of Pomona, California
To this little piece of Native America Country.
I have not had the honor of a visit to your city however, my better half tells me that it is a very religious place.
This be known, you might agree, or at least understand this post.
As a Spiritual Teacher (retired) of the Moiigan People, I and many thousands of Native (Indian) people have a real problem understanding the Euro-Americas definition of Christian.
Young Tim Tebow does understand and enjoys honoring his lord Jesus.
It would seem to this old retired warrior that hundreds of thousands of professing Christians do not understand the reason for the cross!
As I read their book, it tells everyone reading that only ‘Creator God’ has the right and power to judge.
And yet, they just keep on judging?
Euro-Americans cannot understand why they just cannot

Isaiah 53:5

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Florida Driver’s Licenses Are Getting A New Look

Florida Driver’s Licenses Are Getting A New Look
Fraud Protection

The new credential design incorporates nearly double the fraud protection measures

compared to the previous design,

including redundant data, ultraviolet

(UV) ink and optically variable features.

"This would be a really great time
to also place a photo on the rearview mirror placard
to put an end to the massive (Fraud),
being committed against the states handicapped
by phony placard users"!
After all, for instance, one cannot fake a face like this one

Florida Driver’s Licenses Are Getting A New Look
July 25, 2017 11:35 AM By Giovanna Maselli

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) will begin issuing a new, more secure Florida driver license and ID cards, beginning in August. 

The new ID's are said to be the most secure over-the-counter credentials on the market today, according to FLHSMV.

The new look

Unique to Florida, the new card will have a light blue rendering of the Florida state seal and the letters "FL" in a large, bold font over a white base. On the back, the ID will have a light blue image of the state of Florida that is overlain with blue waves. The year 1845 is displayed on the back representing the year Florida became the 27th state in the union.

Headshot images will now be printed with a transparent background and appear in four locations on the ID's.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Silver Springs Florida polluted with human waste

In the news once again (Monday July 24th 2017)

Have you ever really listen to the reporter
each time something drastic happened
in your state or country?

No matter what is it, it is not
'harmful to humans'!


How our government in Florida is systematically polluting our drinking, swimming and fishing water in exchange for money in their pockets!
I have been writing about a common sense solution
to this and other polluting problems
since my first computer 
back in 1983!


This is just two of them.
Alternatives zero waste.
One plant fits all

Silver Springs Florida polluted with human waste

Human Waste Dumped Near Florida Springs
April 27, 2017
There are 83 sites,
where the Department of Environmental Protection
has allowed landowners to dump
 “Class B” waste,
(Rated due to how much bacteria and heavy metals it contains after treatment).
Throughout the state,
98,000 tons of it were dumped,
over 82,503 acres
in 2013 alone.
We don’t have updated number for 2014-present.
Of the active sites,
Eight are in an Outstanding Florida Waters basin
(The state supposedly prohibits liquid wastewater discharges),
24 are in the Springs Protection Area,
 where rainwater quickly flows underground
to recharge the aquifer system
drinking water supply,


are in a basin
that drains directly into a stream,
Still, others are a mixture of the three.
This is insanity.